Today in class with the new teacher for class Design he was critiquizing the macs and doing jokes about it and himself because he didn´t know how to use the commands. He was fun but, everytime he said anything against this computers few girls of class looked at me worried. Seconds later I realized it was because I was with my mac laptop on my lap…  And they were expecting me to get angry. Really? Because by first hand experience I was the one who was laughind the most knowing how he was feeling.

After presenting each one of the class and talk a bit about what we have done in design until now he has asked what we want to be, or in what we dream to work someday. KSDJHF, I couldn´t help myself because he was very nice and open to new ideas and I exclaimed concept artist or illustrator or something in visual development in movies or videogames… and then some of them has say illustrators or something in design… or working in something related to arts…  and I have felt bad. Because anyone said that with enthusiasm or… dunno…  ¿they have already given up their dreams?

Also talking later with him about copyrights and laws of the property of the image I learned more than in this two last months with the other teacher.

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